Kasasa Saver

Kasasa Saver builds your savings automatically when paired with Kasasa Cash, so you can save without having to think. Plus there’s no minimum balance required to earn the rewards and no monthly service fee.

Your Kasasa Cash rewards are deposited directly into your Kasasa Saver account — where we top off your savings with high rates! It’s a free savings account simplified to fit your schedule.

Each time you qualify, you get:
High rates and refunds from ATM fees nationwide* from Kasasa Cash are automatically deposited into your high rate Kasasa Saver account.
• 1.15% APY* on Kasasa Saver balances up to $10,000
• 0.05% APY* on all Kasasa Saver balances if qualifications are not met


To open an account online with Iowa State Bank you must be a resident of the state of Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota or South Dakota.

Download our PDF Flyer for more information on Kasasa Cash and Saver.

Get High Rates

High rates. No hassle.

Put sky-high savings on autopilot.
How high can Kasasa Saver go? Really high. And it’s free, so there are no monthly service fees to knock down your bottom line. Grow your savings automatically when we transfer your rewards from Kasasa Cash or Cash Back to Kasasa Saver, hands-free!

Take the busy-work out of boosting your balance and reward yourself with rates well above the national average. Just sit back, relax, and watch your savings take flight.

Big Rewards, Any Balance

Save more with less.

Earn high rates, even on low balances.
Kasasa Saver is here to help you save, no matter how low your balance starts. That’s the point of saving. You shouldn’t have to have big money to save big money.

Add Kasasa Saver to Kasasa Cash or Cash Bank and grow your nest egg from the ground up. And remember, there’s no monthly service fee and no minimum balance to earn the highest rates!

Refunds on ATM Fees

Make more of your rewards.

Take your refunds on ATM fees to the next level.
Turn your ATM fee refunds from Kasasa Cash or Cash Back into sky-scraping savings. It’s more than cash recouped. It’s cash rewarded.

We pay your ATM fees straight back to your free Kasasa Saver account — letting you set aside a little extra without the effort. And as always, any cash in your Kasasa Saver account earns high rates.

Easy Qualifications

No additional qualifications.

Meet Kasasa Cash qualifications. That’s it!
Earn your Kasasa Cash rewards and, congrats — you already qualify for a higher Kasasa Saver rate, no additional qualifications!

And if you miss a month, don’t sweat it. You still earn a base-rate on your savings. Then get back to earning at a higher rate the very next time around — no harm, no foul.