Kasasa Tunes

Kasasa Tunes cranks up the rewards on your free checking account — including payouts you can really use, like free music, apps, movies and more. Earn Amazon®* and iTunes®* downloads each month, downloads you can turn into whatever sound or storyline you choose.

It’s the freedom to move and shake to your own rhythm. Don’t worry where it takes you. We’ll also refund your ATM fees — not just where you live, but nationwide!

Each time you qualify on Kasasa Tunes, you get:
• $5 in iTunes® or Amazon.com® monthly refunds* (See PDF flyer for more details)
• $25 in iTunes® or Amazon.com® refunds* just for signing up. (See PDF flyer for more details)


To open an account online with Iowa State Bank you must be a resident of the state of Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota or South Dakota.

Download our PDF Flyer for more information on Kasasa Tunes.

Digital Downloads

Music, Movies and More.

Choose rewards that really matter!
Blow out your Kasasa Tunes account with big beats. Maybe mix in a touch of twang. How you use your iTunes® or Amazon® downloads is up to you

But you’re not limited to just music.

Kasasa Tunes rewards you with iTunes® and Amazon® downloads to cash in for songs, movies, apps, and more. Even a good book if it’s more your style. And get your ATM fees back, no matter your taste in entertainment.

Big Rewards, Any Balance

No minimum balance to make noise.

You don’t have to pay to play.
Kasasa Tunes lets you take your balance as low as you need to go. There’s no minimum balance required to earn the rewards and no monthly service fee.

So upgrade to free checking that comes with actual freedom — whether that’s a guilty pleasure for your playlist or an impulse-buy you can barely afford. Kasasa Tunes doesn’t judge you by your balance. Get digital downloads and your ATM fees back all the same.

Refunds on ATM Fees

Withdraw cash, no worries.

Move freely from ATM to ATM, nationwide!
Withdraw cash when you need it on-the-go. But don’t get eaten alive by ATM fees. Kasasa Tunes puts those ATM fees you waste back where they belong — your wallet.

We’ll pay your ATM fees back each time you qualify! And that’s on top of free checking and Amazon® and iTunes® downloads. Find real rewards that live in harmony with your lifestyle.

Easy Qualifications

Easy qualifications, sounds good.

Get rewarded for what you probably already do.
Easy qualifications, sounds good. Get rewarded for what you probably already do. Kasasa Tunes qualifications aren’t just easy, they save you time. Odds are you do them anyway. Just take advantage of simple tools to qualify, like:

  • Have at least 10 debit card purchases post and settle
  • Receive eStatements

That’s it. And there’s never a penalty fee if you don’t qualify. Kasasa Tunes stays free. Plus, get Amazon® and iTunes® downloads and refunds on ATM fees the very next month — a fresh start!